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Live TPV remains the gold standard in verification services, as there’s nothing like a human voice to clarify and confirm the terms of a deal. For Sales Verification Company, it requires finding the sweet spot between delivering a warm, personal interaction and maintaining sharp efficiency to keep the numbers in line for our clients.

Our services are priced by the minute, and we’re not on the phone to answer questions, complete the sale or chat about the weather. We are vigilant in keeping our clients’ costs as low as possible, mentoring our TPV representatives on ways to reduce “dead-air” time and work efficiently.

While we maintain our mission of neutrality in verifying the sale, we also understand that we are part of the total customer experience, and we take pride in our “soft skills,” the art of communication that is the hallmark of live operator TPV.



Sales Verification Company offers TPV services to fit any budget and sales initiative. Our Automated Voice Verification (AVV) provides a lower-cost option to our live TPV service, yet provides a high level of protection and unlimited campaign control.

Through an intuitive, self-service application, clients can upload prerecorded scripts, assign data capture points and customer prompts, and edit scripts as needed. Custom reporting is accessible through the client portal.

AVV solutions offer necessary consumer safeguards and flexible options for a reasonable investment.

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• Performance metrics based
• Robust reporting
• Ongoing soft skills training
• Remote monitoring
• Real-time script coaching
• Talk-time coaching
• Dedicated Account Management

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• Pay-as-you-go system provides complete campaign control
• Hybrid solution allows customers to reach a live operator when necessary
• Manage multiple scripts, products and territories
• Self-serve reporting
• Account Manager support

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