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Live Quality Control Monitoring

Many of our clients engage outbound telemarketing call centers to handle the bulk of their customer acquisition efforts. While outsourcing the sales process can be relatively cost efficient, it does require a degree of oversight.

Let Sales Verification Company lessen the burden on your internal resources and assist with the remote monitoring you’re already conducting. Based on criteria developed by you, or in partnership with our Quality Control team, we can evaluate the performance of your sales vendors through monitoring of their outbound activity.

We can track the efforts of a particular sales representative or gauge the effectiveness of the call center as a whole, providing you with valuable, quantifiable feedback and suggestions on areas of improvement.

Your sales vendor already knows you’re listening. Adding Sales Verification Company to your quality assurance efforts tightens the process even further, ensuring regulatory compliance and a positive customer experience.

The Quality Control Call

Our “mystery shopper”-like service has our representatives engaging your telemarketing sales vendor, posing as potential customers.

With a list of scripted questions or customer service issues determined by you, we can ensure your representatives are conveying your products and services accurately.

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The Welcome Call

The Welcome Call is a simple outbound contact designed to reaffirm the customer’s buying decision and reiterate your brand values or product features.

Following the sale, customer data is transferred to the Sales Verification Company call center and queued on our representatives’ screens for outbound contact. You control the campaign variables, including duration between the sale and the Welcome Call, the number of contact attempts to be made, and most importantly, the messages you wish to convey.

Our Account Management team will help you craft a script that is warmly conversational, yet achieves any degree of explicit customer affirmation. The Welcome Call is an always-appreciated, “thanks for your business” outreach, but it’s also an opportunity to uncover any areas of improvement in the sales process.

Custom Solutions

Sales Verification Company prides itself on state-of-the-art technical systems that are adaptable to meet our clients’ specific needs.

We can provide marketing and sales campaign support beyond our primary verification or standard sales-integrity services. Our web-based transaction capability and live voice service can be customized to a wide variety of applications. Automated data collection, customer surveys and live data processing are among the ways our systems can support your customer outreach.

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