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How do you accommodate and handle peak traffic times?

We overlap operator shifts in the peak late afternoon and early evening. Our call-management system routes calls to the next available operator on a “first-in, first-out” basis. When hold times increase, administrative staff is assigned to verification.

How do you exchange data with clients?

We exchange data by the means most convenient to our client and most conducive to a successful program. Our systems are state-of-the-art and able to exchange data by any means. Yet we still know how to send a fax, if needed.

What type of redundancy measures do you have in place?

We maintain hot replacements for all mission-critical servers and dual sets of live digital recording equipment. We actually make two live recordings of each transaction. We also maintain multiple means to connect to the internet in case one ISP goes down. All data is backed up to multiple locations and stored offsite.


How about backup power, in case of emergency?

The Sales Verification Company maintains an industrial-grade diesel generator on site at our Largo, Fla., headquarters. The engine can go from cold start to full power within 10 seconds of any local power disruption. Its 200 kW output can power all our lights, HVAC and computer systems for three days, and the unit can even be refueled while in full operation. The significant investment demonstrates the Sales Verification Company’s commitment to business continuity and redundancy planning.

What are your training procedures?

We provide operator training in basic customer relations and company procedures when they are hired. All operators are initially apprenticed under close supervision. Before an operator is authorized for a particular campaign they are trained and confirmed on that campaign’s procedures and requirements.

How often will I get the recordings?

Our clients’ window into verification is the account maintenance and reporting portal on our secure website. Within minutes after the verification is completed, you can listen to recordings and get real time reports. We also provide fast and convenient access for clients to update scripts or upload leads.

What questions can you answer and what can you say before an order is rejected?

We establish strict guidelines with each client at the start of the campaign. These depend on the nature of the project, applicable regulations and client preference. Verification operators are trained to understand and comply with the constraints they see on their computer screen for each campaign.

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