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TPV Team Relies On Technical Expertise

techYou’ve seen the movie: as the ship rocks in imminent peril, the captain pleads with the guys in the engine room to give it just a little bit more; make the magic and whisk the crew to safety. Our technical team is kind of like that. They may not get top billing, but without them we’re not going anywhere.

The Sales Verification Company is moving at light speed these days, with a recently completed office expansion in Florida and the opening of a second location in California. New clients are coming on board, and our current partners are expanding their programs.

One of the hallmarks of our service is just that: our service, and the ability to customize a TPV program to our client's needs. Script changes, customized reports, and new database requirements are all handled in stride by the guys behind the bulkhead.

While keeping up with one-off client requests and the day-to-day maintenance of ongoing systems, they’re also responsible for longer-term projects that will streamline operations and allow for future growth.

The team launched a new Automated Voice Verification system earlier this year, which allows customers to verify their intentions and their understanding of the terms of the sale through a series of voice activated and touch-tone prompts. The system also features a Simple AVV, which allows clients to assemble and manage their own scripts through our backend system, and Hybrid AVV, a combination of automated and live-operator service.

The Sales Verification Company’s efforts to become PCI Compliant, which allows our representatives to handle customer credit card payments, is another tech team win. Our TPV systems needed some updating to allow automated scripts and secure transactions with payment processing centers.

And on the schedule for first quarter next year is a completely new TPV system, featuring enhanced reporting capability, faster response times, and more customizable features on the front end to assist Account Managers and clients in launching new campaigns.

“Our tech guys do an amazing job,” SVC President Jason Zitner said. “Everything we’ve thrown at them has been handled with speed and efficiency. They allow us to provide great service to our existing customers while planning ahead for future growth. We couldn’t do it without them.”

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