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TPV Sits On A Telemarketing History Timeline

The Sales Verification Company offers live, third party verification services to all sorts of sales organizations and service providers, including retail energy and telecom companies, which reach customers over the phone. Our service complements the sales process and ensures a smooth, concise customer experience while protecting both parties from future misunderstanding.

And while we are not a sales organizations, we support them in their telemarketing efforts, so we’ve spent some time in this space discussing telemarketing rules, regulations and lore.

How about the history of the industry itself?

One resource claims that marketing companies looked at the telephone as a sales tool as early as 1903, when the Multi-Mailing Co. of New York started compiling and selling lists from local phone directories. Its first “lead list,” consisting of numbers from all of New England, New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Maryland, Delaware and Washington, D.C. (that’s a lot of territory…) was 600,000.

“The rural telephone sorts out the influential classes in every community, and lists of names made up from telephones are excellent for high-class propositions,” the president of Multi-Media Co., J.P Cramer, said. “I should call such names the very best that could be secured for investment advertising.”

DialAmerica began operation in 1957, and is generally considered to be the first telemarketing firm. It began operation with one inbound line and one outbound line.

By the 1970s, the Bell System had developed the WATS line (Wide Area Telephone Service) for outbound calling, a service based on fixed prices determined by geographic zones. The old telecom monopoly also started offering “inward WATS,” or toll-free numbers with dedicated area codes (800 was the first, of course). With these two innovations, the industry took off and the term “telemarketing” was born.

Subsequent years brought increased regulation (including third party verification requirements), the Do Not Call Registry, and those pesky robocalls. Using technology to contact people and offer goods and services is as old as the medium itself, and will continue to evolve in the future.

The Sales Verification Company is standing by to offer third party verification of the transaction, protecting both businesses and consumers, and complementing a smooth and satisfactory sales process.

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