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TPV Is Just One Consumer Protection

The Sales Verification Company provides the finest live-operator TPV services in the industry, as our experienced management team creates and implements custom-designed campaigns for our clients. Our TPV service eliminates potential confusion, contributes to a positive customer experience, and complements the sales process. Those sales are conducted by our clients over the phone, of course, and therefore comply with telemarketing rules put forth by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

In a previous post, we talked about some of those rules governing the telemarketing industry, including proper identification, hours of operation and “abandon rates” by automated dialers.

But the biggest consumer protection and telemarketer compliance concern is the National Do Not Call Registry.

In response to increased complaints from consumers about intrusive telemarketing calls, the FCC, together with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) opened the registry in June of 2003, and enforcement began in October that year. The list is nationwide in scope, applies to all commercial telemarketers, and covers both interstate and intrastate calls.

Consumers can place their home phone numbers on the list to prevent unwanted calls. When the list first launched, each consumer request kept their number on the list for five years, but in 2007 the law was amended to make each registration permanent. Telemarketers are required to search the registry every 31 days, and drop from their call lists the phone numbers of consumers who have registered.

Calls not subject to the Do Not Call Registry include:

• calls from organizations with which you have established a business relationship • calls for which you have given prior written permission • calls which are not commercial or do not include unsolicited advertisements • calls by or on behalf of tax-exempt non-profit organizations

Penalties for violation of the National Do Not Call Registry are substantial, up to $16,000 per occurrence, so you know that sellers respect the intent and the implementation of the registry. Nobody does TPV better than The Sales Verification Company. Protect your company, your customers and your marketing investment. Contact us to discuss a third party verification campaign.