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TPV Client Says Thanks For Good Work

The Sales Verification Company is all about building relationships with our clients, and providing service that exceeds their expectations. We appreciate their business, and work hard to reward their investment.

One client recently showed their appreciation with what they call a “snack time event,” providing the TPV floor with a Friday lunch. Our thanks to New-Talk, a telecom service provider.

“The personal relationships mean so much in this business,” Executive Director Sara Goldberg said. “Any vendor needs to deliver what’s expected, but we try to go beyond that and create real partnerships with our clients. Many of them recognize our extra efforts, and it’s gratifying when they acknowledge it with something like this.”

As we highlighted in a recent video post, the biggest benefit to live-operator third party verification is the human element. Our TPV representatives use their calm and pleasant demeanor to create effective communication with the customer on the other end of the phone.

That philosophy and approach extends to our interactions between colleagues on the floor, to managers offering critique, and to account managers serving external clients. We recognize exemplary work, try to exceed expectations, and take pride in our personal interactions.

“A sincere thank you with a personal touch can mean a lot,” Goldberg said. “We certainly make that effort internally, and it’s very rewarding when a client does the same.”