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Third Party Verification Team Welcomes New Training Supervisor

An old sports adage says that the best players don’t always make the best coaches. Our new Training Supervisor, James McQuaid, is proof to the contrary. James joined The Sales Verification Company last January, and quickly established himself as one of the sharpest third party verifiers on the floor. With a background in direct sales, James had the ability to communicate clearly and concisely with customers on the other end of the phone, and his performance metrics got noticed quickly.

After four months as a TPV representative, he was promoted to the position of Cross Trainer, which requires both patience and authority in teaching fellow representatives the ins-and-outs of all campaigns.

In order for our third party verification programs to run at peak efficiency, maximizing client investment and ensuring a positive customer experience, it’s necessary for all representatives to be well versed in all campaign scripts. That cross training often pushes TPV reps out of their comfort zone, as they encounter new material while maintaining mastery of current campaigns.

James excels at boosting his colleagues' confidence while simultaneously correcting and guiding them toward proficiency. Now, with a bump up the ladder to Training Supervisor, he’s coaching the coaches, and ensuring that everybody is working out of the same playbook.

“I really enjoy the teaching side of the TPV business,” James said. “We’ve got a great team in place, and I look forward to mixing in my management style while maintaining our high standards of quality.”