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Statistical Excellence Drives TPV Success

The key to providing effective third party verification services is finding the sweet spot between qualitative and quantitative performance: delivering a warm, personal interaction while keeping the numbers in line. successIn a recent blog post, we discussed the importance of tracking key statistics, and the effect even small improvements can have on our clients’ profitability. We continually monitor our progress and remain on the lookout for areas of improvement.

It’s no secret The Sales Verification Company gets paid by the minute, yet we do all we can to keep our clients' costs as low as possible. We even utilize talk time coaches, mentoring our TPV reps on ways to reduce the “dead-air” time and work efficiently.

But the TPV agents can’t be rushing customers through their scripts, either. We need a clear and concise delivery of the program details, to ensure customer understanding in a complement to the sales transaction.

We recently posted a week where our talk time statistic was at its lowest point in a year. While our talk time is down, our rejection percentage and call quality metrics remain high. And that is a winning combination.

“We watch the numbers very closely, and always have our clients’ best interests in mind,” The Sales Verification Company President Jason Zitner said. “We need talk times low and call quality high. Getting there is the secret to our success.”

Nobody does TPV better than The Sales Verification Company. Protect your company, your customers and your marketing investment. Contact us to discuss a third party verification campaign.