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California TPV Center Recognizes Great Work

The Sales Verification Company prides itself on delivering unparalleled, live-operator Third Party Verifications services by the best agents in the business. Our TPV representatives dedicate themselves to their clients’ best interests and work hard to exceed expectations and move the company forward. To recognize these superstar performers and keep things lively, we often play team-building games and raffle off some great prizes. Jovana Ortiz (l) and Peepee Matua take home raffle prizesBut this is not just a lucky-me lottery. TPV agents have to hit their performance metrics in categories like average verifications per hour, talk time and other soft-skill indicators. So the better a representative’s numbers, the more raffle tickets with their name get dropped in the hat.

Our new California office has carried the tradition that started in the Clearwater, Fla., headquarters. In honor of Mother’s Day, the team held a series of hourly raffles for those who hit their targets. Big ups to Elisa Ortiz, Peepee Matua and Jovana Ortiz, all of who won prizes by doing great work. Freddy Garcia hit pay dirt by winning the “Above and Beyond” contest and Yaritza Mejia topped the pack in the “Quality Counts” competition.

Employee recognition is a an essential part of employee culture at SVC, and we make sure to let our workforce know how much we appreciate what they do.

“It’s always great to recognize and reward employees who regularly produce solid results,” said Executive Director Jason Zitner. “We make sure hard work pays off by taking care of our top performers, and having some fun along the way.” The Sales Verification Company provides live-operator third party verification to complement the sales process, protecting both the service provider and the customer from any future misunderstanding. Contact us to learn more about a custom-designed TPV campaign.