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Training Drives TPV Excellence

Trainer Stanley Carroll (l) with Supervisor Tiffany Emrich.When you’re in the client and customer services business, you’re only as good as your last interaction. At The Sales Verification Company, we provide the finest live operator third party verification and sales integrity services in the industry. We continually strive to provide our clients and their customers with professional delivery of a consistent product. And it all begins with the training.

Training Supervisor Tiffany Emrich leads a team of five, taking new employees through a weeklong program capable of turning a zero-experience recruit into a polished customer service professional.

Classroom instruction and testing, live practice calls and soft-skills training are all part of the representative’s first weeks on the job. But really, the training and coaching never ends.

“My team works together every day to not only train new hires, but to make sure the entire room can handle all clients on a daily basis,” Tiffany said. “We are all teachers and take pride in producing a product. Our goal is to mold a new hire into a tenured vet within their first two weeks and keep them productive and exceptional at all times.”

trainingIn order for our third party verification programs to run at peak efficiency, maximizing client investment and ensuring a positive customer experience, it’s necessary for all representatives to be well versed in all campaign scripts. That cross training often pushes TPV reps out of their comfort zone, as they encounter new material while maintaining mastery of current campaigns.

Our training team excels at boosting their colleagues' confidence while simultaneously correcting and guiding them toward proficiency.

“Our training team is really exceptional,” said Vicki Norton, VP of Business Development. “Our clients rely on our professionalism to validate the sale while ensuring a positive customer experience, and we work hard to deliver that product on every call.”

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