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TPV Team Recognizes Hard Work

Employee recognition and engagement is a cornerstone of the workplace culture at The Sales Verification Company. Our third party verification specialists invest long hours in improving their skills and upholding some of the highest performance metrics in the industry. We quantify effectiveness and expediency in the overall performance of each individual TPV agent. When it comes to measuring our value to our clients, we have no shortage of numbers.

Once a month, we throw all of those numbers in a hat and have some fun.

TPV agents receive raffle tickets throughout the month for their superior statistical performance, such as average verifications per hour, call quality, and the overall service level of the room. Better individual performance means more tickets in the pot and a better chance to win.

This month’s prize was an iPod gift set, which was awarded to verifier Santalee Hamilton by Executive Director Sara Goldberg. It was a fun diversion on a Friday afternoon, and a small recognition of hard work and dedication by the entire sales verification floor.

“We have such a great group of people,” Goldberg said. “So much of what we accomplish as a team comes from the camaraderie that we’ve been able to build and maintain. These little games are a great way to keep up the enthusiasm and say thanks for some great work."

TPVDean Gyorgy