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TPV Team Adds New Manager of Quality Control

The Sales Verification Company provides the finest third party verification service in the industry. We are responsive to our clients' needs, design custom campaigns, and provide cost-efficient solutions to complement the sales process.

But at the top of that pyramid is our greatest and most-protected attribute: quality.

Our TPV representatives are well versed in all campaign scripts, which they deliver with clarity and in a courteous, professional manner. It’s what our clients expect and what we demand from ourselves.

Ensuring that consistency is our new Manager of Quality Control, Ed Furtek. Ed knows what it’s like on the front lines, as he joined the Sales Verification Company as a TPV representative in January 2012. After just two months he was promoted to floor supervisor, ensuring that his colleagues were delivering the same consistency and professionalism.

“Ed has a unique advantage in his new role, in that he started with us as a TPV representative,” Executive Director Sara Goldberg said. “He knows first-hand the challenges that those representatives encounter, and he’s perfectly suited to maintain the consistent quality for which we’ve become known.”

In his new role, Ed will lead the team of Quality Control Monitors who listen to TPV calls, ensuring script adherence, clear communication and professional demeanor, and correcting when necessary. It’s all about maintaining client standards while maintaining a positive camaraderie on the verification floor.

“I’m very excited for the new role,” Ed said. “We take great pride in our call quality, and I really do think that it sets us apart from the competition. It’s a great opportunity, and I look forward to working with the management team.”

TPVDean Gyorgy