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TPV Team Introduces New Account Manager

We often say it’s the professionalism of our Account Managers that helps set The Sales Verification Company apart from the competition. Their number is also a telling barometer of our success: when we’re adding talent to the Account Manager roster, business is good. Josh ChungWe welcome Joshua Chung as the latest addition to the team.

Not only does he step into a key role in our business expansion, but also he provides another example of our hire-from-within approach.

Josh joined The Sales Verification Company in December of 2011 as a bilingual TPV agent. He immediately exhibited consistent, exceptional work, and was promoted to a monitor position in the Quality Control department. He then became a trainer, mentoring new TPV agents in the finer points of concise communication with a human touch.

Josh is no stranger to coaching others, with a background in motivational seminars and public speaking. He has over 10 years of customer service experience, and as spent time in the auto/home insurance and computer technology industries.

The Account Manager’s role is a critical one, having to place the client’s campaign needs into operational context on the verification floor. Effective communication, patience and respect need to flow both ways in order to create an effective partnership with the client. The account manager requires business acumen, interpersonal skills, and extensive working knowledge of all programs.

Josh is ready for the challenge.

“Having started from the bottom up has given me a view from every angle, being able to see all the components that make SVC work,” he said. “Experience in all the different departments have allowed me the grow and sharpen all the necessary skills that compose of a great communicator to clients’ needs and expectations.”

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