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TPV Stats Remain Consistently High

At the Sales Verification Company, we provide the finest live operator third party verification service in the industry.We constantly strive to exceed the expectations of both our clients and the end consumer, providing value, assurance and a friendly complement to the sales process.

We constantly monitor our own performance against a variety of statistical metrics. Like a long-distance athlete measuring themselves against split times and personal bests, we know where we are against our own expectation at any time during any week, day or hour.

And good news is so much fun to share...

Vice President of Business Development Vicki Norton recently released her e-news to clients and prospects, touting the statistical achievements of our TPV team.

Service Level is our overall measure of effectiveness. It’s comprised of the number of calls handled, time it takes to answer, and the percentage of dropped calls as a result of technical fallout. Over Service Level consistently averages above 90 percent, and last week was a fantastic 94 percent.

“Our teams are really working hard, perfecting the systems,” said Norton. “We believe that it’s the dedication of our people and the pride they take in their work that really sets The Sales Verification Company apart from the competition. The stats are the reflection of that effort.”

Numbers are nice, of course, but the ultimate test is the satisfaction of our clients. We’re winning on that score, too, as business is booming and we are continually adding staff to meet demand. A recent office expansion nearly doubled our floor space, and more than 200 employees come to work every day.

To find out how The Sales Verification Company can structure a TPV campaign to help you meet your sales and business expansion goals, contact us today.

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