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TPV Reps Aim For Big Vegas Prize

As any reader of our Sales Verification Company blog knows, we love to reward superior performance with raffles and gifts of all kinds. Every month, our best TPV representatives go home with stuff like bicycles, TVs and video consoles. vegasBut a trip to Las Vegas? Now we’re talking!

Providing fun incentives has proven a great way to boost morale and drive statistical performance on the TPV floor. Our representatives look forward to the announcement of the next month’s prize, and they mind their hourly performance to maximize their chances of winning.

Sales Verification Company reps provide the finest live operator TPV in the business. We pride ourselves on our customer interactions, and continually train our representatives on both presentation and listening skills. The human touch makes all the difference.

But we also continually measure the reps on all sorts of performance metrics, from talk time to average verifications per hour to the overall performance of the room. As the month progresses, each agent is awarded raffle tickets for superior statistical performance. The better the TPV agent performs, the more tickets with their name on them. At the end of the month, we throw all the tickets in the hat and draw a winner for a cool prize.

The Vegas trip is not your ordinary prize however. It resets the bar. So we’re changing the rules just a bit and running this contest for two months. There’s only one raffle ticket per week for each of our two call centers, awarded to the representative with the best overall stats. So at the end of two months, there should be around 16 tickets in the hat, raising the drama and the chances of winning for our best reps.

When the winner is chosen, he or she will have a statistical review and must meet certain criteria in order to win the trip. We want to make sure that this winner is among the best of our hard working team.

“We certainly are excited about this prize,” Executive Director Jason Zitner said. “Our team has shown a great enthusiasm about these incentives, so we wanted to set a big target this summer. It’s going to be a lot of fun to see them work toward winning the trip.”

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