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TPV Provides Proof of Transaction

At The Sales Verification Company, we swim in statistics and qualitative evaluations, and pour resources into technology and product innovation. Verification LogoWe continually look for ways in improve our efficiency and accuracy, resulting in higher value for our clients, and a smooth and pleasant business transaction for the consumer.

But sometimes you just need to go back to basics.

So why is third party verification important to our clients?

TPV adds a certain element of proof to binding contracts, providing an independent outlet should there be a dispute. The Sales Verification Company delivers a clear and concise script that impartially lays out the particulars of the sales agreement, and the subsequent recording captures all enrollment information and verbal consent to the terms of the deal.

It stands as a record of the facts for both the consumer and the business, protecting against fraudulent enrollments and providing peace of mind to all involved.

Our superior real-time reporting allows our clients and their vendors to easily track production metrics. And they can retrieve any TPV recording immediately, allowing for spot checks or dispute resolution.

“We see third party verification as an essential element in any over-the-phone or in-person sales transaction,” The Sales Verification Company President Jason Zitner said. “It’s a prudent investment decision for any sales company. And once they place their trust in us, we take pride in exceeding their expectations.”

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