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TPV Floor Ready to Expand

Pay no mind to all the banging next door: it's the sound of success. We've been planning, sketching and talking about it for months, but the expansion of our office space in Clearwater, Florida is in top gear. Our third party verification business has been on a steady climb over the last year, and the demand for our services had outstripped our physical space. So we leased the office suite next door and waved in the construction crews.

"It's a very exciting time," said Executive Director Sara Goldberg. "We know that this growth is for the long-term benefit of our staff and our TPV clients. We can't wait."

The team will have to hold on to the end of June, when the new space is expected to be ready for sales verifiers. When the doors finally swing open for business, our floor space will double to nearly 8,500 square feet. Along with dozens of new verifier stations, the business is adding three new offices, a conference room, and a dedicated space which will be Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant.

"Everything is on track," Goldberg said. "We can offer program expansion to our existing clients, and have the capacity to continue to seek new business. It's been a great year to this point, and we look forward to future growth."

The new space in late May, about one month away from completion.

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