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TPV Fixer Maintains Top Efficiency

If your business were a race car, you’d need a good mechanic -- that person that can really get under the hood, diagnose any trouble spots, and implement the fixes to keep it running smoothly. Amanda coaches a TPV repAt The Sales Verification Company’s west coast office, in Santa Ana, Calif., our ace technician is Amanda Muniz, who oversees the nitty-gritty production stats of all of our third party verification representatives.

We measure our TPV success through a number of quantifiable measures: talk time, reaffirmation rate, and call quality, among others. We watch these trends on a daily and hourly basis, and when the red flags go up, Amanda swoops in. A drop in efficiency might mean a representative is getting caught on the verbiage of the script or simply having an off day.

Whatever the problem, Amanda calls upon her four years of experience to remedy the issue and get things back on the track. It’s a role she feels prepared for and proud to hold.

“It gives me the opportunity to connect more with the representatives on a personal level,” she said. “I enjoy working with the floor more closely because I am able to teach them all the knowledge I know about being more efficient, having product knowledge, and acquiring targets that need to be met.”

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