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TPV Company Launches Self-Serve Option

The Sales Verification Company is proud to announce a new service functionality available to our clients that will provide increased flexibility and control over strategic TPV campaigns: Simple Automated Voice Verification. avvThird party verification is an essential component to the over-the-phone sales process. It protects both the sales company and the consumer by eliminating any potential misunderstanding about the price and terms of the agreement.

The Sales Verification Company specializes in live-operator TPV, whereby a client will make a warm transfer of their customer to our call center, and our representatives read through the client’s campaign-specific verification script.

Simple AVV provides an option specifically for those clients whose sales volume or verification requirements do not require a full live-operator campaign. It’s a self-serve, pay-as-you go plan that fits perfectly within any marketing budget.

“We saw a real need for this in the marketplace, and we’re glad to now offer the option,” Executive Director Jason Zitner said. “It was a great effort by our business development and technical teams, and we look forward to serving a new client niche with this self-serve system.”

Simple AVV allows clients to upload their prerecorded scripts, assign data capture points and customer prompts, and edit scripts as needed through an intuitive wizard application. Once the script is complete, the client purchases call credits, which are applied only when the automated script is activated.

Click here for more detail about our exciting, new Simple AVV product.

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