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TPV Calls Guard Against Slamming Penalties

In an earlier post we looked at the history of the term “slamming,” from a Trivial Pursuit, fun-fact kind of way. The infraction itself is no laughing matter. Simply put by the Federal Communications Commission, “slamming is the unlawful practice of changing a subscriber's selection of a provider of telephone service without that subscriber's knowledge or permission.” It’s a term coined in the mid-‘80s to describe a practice that came as a result of opening telephone service to competition.

Service providers are generally well aware of the dangers of slamming, and use services like third party verification to avoid them. But slamming still exists today, and FCC financial penalties for proven cases can run into the millions of dollars.

The Sales Verification Company offers live, third party verification services to all sorts of service providers, including retail energy and telecom companies. Our service complements the sales process and ensures a smooth, concise customer experience while protecting both parties from future misunderstanding.

So what goes into a TPV call?

Section 258 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 gave the FCC expanded authority to deter and punish slamming. The Act outlined acceptable ways for a service provider to accurately document customer intent for a switch, which include obtaining written signature, providing an 800-number for the customer to call to confirm, and the use of an independent third party verification service (which is our favorite of the three…)

The FCC stipulates that a TPV recording must contain:

- The date of the verification - The identity of the customer - Confirmation that the customer is authorized to make the change - Confirmation of that change (not an upgrade, or consolidation, etc.) - Names of the companies affected by the change - Telephone numbers to be switched - Types of service involved - Appropriate customer verification data (birthdate, etc.)

As you can see, the third party verification scripts must be clearly worded and accurately delivered to protect the company and the customer.

The Sales Verification Company works with its clients in all facets of TPV campaigns, providing this essential service in a cost-effective, professional manner.

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