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TPV Agents Wins Client Recognition

Getting recognized for a job well done sparks a healthy dose of pride and satisfaction. It makes us feel part of the team and propels us to exceed our own new standards. A little cash bonus is always nice, too, of course… KamariaThird party verification agent Kamaria Roberts received both recently from a grateful client.

Kamaria has been a TPV agent with the Sales Verification Company for about six months. She said she enjoys her job because she likes to talk to people, and her calm demeanor and pleasing tone have served her well.

One of her recent TPV calls was listened to by a client representative as part of a routine spot-check audit, and he was so impressed with Kamaria’s professionalism that he contacted the account manager and told her it was the best call he’d ever heard performed by an outside vendor. He also passed along a $20 cash bonus in appreciation of her efforts.

“It felt awesome. I’m very happy,” Kamaria said. “I’m really touched that a client would recognize me and even give me a bonus for doing a great job.”

It’s that kind of performance that gets our verifiers noticed and puts them in line for increasing levels of responsibility. The Sales Verification Company has a long history of promoting from within, and Kamaria plans to step up when she feels she’s ready.

“I’m a perfectionist,” she said. “I want to get it right the first time. I really want to master where I am now before moving up into any higher positions. Before I move up to help other people I want to know first that I can do it the best.”

If she keeps winning client approval like that, it won’t be long.

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