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Third Party Verification Team Adds Training Resources

The Sales Verification Company has developed a strong reputation in the third party verification industry for providing the finest in live operator and automated services. But the customer on the other end of the phone probably doesn’t know and really shouldn’t care. To them, we’re only as good as our performance on that call.

That’s why we invest so heavily in the training and ongoing coaching of our third party verification representatives. We continually strive to provide our clients and their customers with professional delivery of a consistent product, and it all comes down to the effectiveness of our training.

trainingWe’ve added three new members to Training Supervisor Tiffany Emrich’s team.

Communications Coach Christian Rivera ensures all written communications are clear and concise, maintaining an efficient information flow between the representatives and management team.

New Hire Trainer Lededra Little focuses on brand new representatives joining our company, schooling them on theory, operations, and policies.

Cross Trainer Yanira Zimmerman handles the training of existing representatives on new or expanding campaigns.

All report to our training supervisor Tiffany Emrich, who takes great pride is the accomplishments and dedication of her team.

"We work as a team to not only train but continue to guide each CSR through refreshing, coaching and communication with the goal to keep each representative’s statistics at or above the standards set for them,” she said. “We encourage each person to exceed the minimum requirements and reach for higher goals within the company."

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