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Third Party Verification Agents Climb Managerial Ladder

When we interview job seekers interested in The Sales Verification Company, we routinely tell them that the sky’s the limit: that they can accomplish great things within our company. It’s not just a motivational line.

Two of our team members recently promoted to positions of increased responsibility have discovered that what often begins with a simple desire fit in and earn a reputation as a dependable employee often morphs into a sense of pride and a desire to mentor others.

“It’s great to see our employees grow within our system, and we love to promote from within” Human Resources Manager Jessica Reise said. “Not only does it reward those who have worked hard, but it provides a great example to new employees when they see supervisors and managers who started in entry-level positions.”

RicardoRicardo Copeland was hired by Jessica in February as a TPV representative, and says the opportunity for advancement kept him motivated to succeed. Ricardo quickly proved himself to be hard working, loyal and ambitious, and routinely posted some of the best third party verification statistics on the floor. He was recently rewarded with a Floor Supervisor position, coaching others on their own path to advancement.

“I quickly realized The Sales Verification Company has a great system and great communication,” he said. “We also have awesome CSRs and a management team that puts in a lot of effort to help everyone. I’m thrilled to be a part of the family.”

TiffanyTiffany Emrich was recently promoted to Corrections Supervisor, ensuring that our TPV agents are concisely delivering their scripts to customers. She was hired about a year ago as a CSR, and was soon promoted to a Floor Supervisor’s position. She then moved onto coaching new trainees in their transition to the verification floor, exhibiting patience and care in a quality assurance role.

“I feel like I’ve accomplished quite a bit,” Tiffany said. “When I first got here, I saw the other positions above me and made it my goal to move up. Now I look forward to my new role, working with all CSRs to maintain high call quality for all of our clients.”

Congratulations to Ricardo and Tiffany: a couple of hard chargers determined to climb the managerial ladder.

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