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Third Party Verification Agent is Both Lucky and Good

The Sales Verification Company management team tries hard to create a workplace environment that provides our TPV representatives with positive reinforcement, constructive feedback and a continual sense of personal accomplishment. We’ll be the first to admit that professional affirmation is nice, but it’s a special day when you can bring home some swag.

Congratulations to TPV agent Perry Smith, the winner of this month’s random drawing and the new proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy tablet.

We continually measure the agents on all sorts of performance metrics, from talk time to average verifications per hour to the overall performance of the room. As the month progresses, each agent is awarded raffle tickets for superior statistical performance. The better the TPV agent performs, the more tickets with their name on them.

At the end of the month, we throw all the tickets in the hat and draw a winner. It’s a small recognition of hard work and dedication by the entire sales verification floor.

“The random drawings are a fun way to keep up the positive energy on the TPV floor,” Executive Director Sara Goldberg said. “They take great pride in their work, and continually strive to excel. Our monthly prizes certainly aren’t their motivation, but it’s a way to add a little something in recognition of their hard work.”

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