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Tech Teams Provide Superior TPV Support

The Sales Verification Company delivers the finest live operator TPV service in the industry. Our guiding principals are more than marketing buzzwords, but a duty we take very seriously: Reliable, Efficient, Responsible and Accurate. And when it comes to data storage and retrieval, we don’t mess around.

Our clients require instant access to their TPV recordings, and are often bound to long-term storage requirements. We know that for all the soft-skill professionalism we offer during the customer interaction, we must be equally adept at providing fast and accurate data retrieval systems to our clients.

Below is a behind-the-scenes photo of our server room, the backend technology that provides our clients with a full measure of confidence in their data integrity.

All verifications and call recordings are stored online using high-availability SAN technology, which provides a high degree of data security, fault tolerance, integrated capacity and excellent performance. Our secured server is a state-of-the-art, carrier-grade facility, monitored 24/7.

“Our technical team deserves a lot of the credit for our success,” Executive Director Sara Goldberg said. “They work extremely hard to provide best-in-class capabilities and support to our TPV campaigns.”

Nobody does TPV better than The Sales Verification Company. Protect your company, your customers and your marketing investment. Contact us to discuss a third party verification campaign.


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