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Tech Innovations Improve TPV Service

In the Third Party Verification business, team effectiveness is pretty easy to quantify. We constantly check our service levels through numbers: talk time, calls per hour, verification percentage. It’s a way to measure value to our clients and challenge ourselves to get better. Time is one of metrics we watch very closely, and speeding up our efficiency can have a real bottom-line impact to a campaign. So we’re happy to announce the impending launch of a technical improvement to our third party verification systems; an initiative we’re calling SVC Express.

“Our technical team has been working extremely hard on this project,” Executive Director Sara Goldberg said. “The operational speed will be improved dramatically, and the improvements in our overall efficiency will have a positive impact for our TPV representatives and our clients.”

The tech teams began with a database normalization process, which allows the TPV scripting screens to populate in front of the verifiers up to one second faster (multiply that by the call volume we receive, and it’s a significant improvement). The representatives can more easily juggle mulitiple screens, script changes can be implemented in real time, and data retrieval from the client will be much improved.

The end result will save time and money.

The Sales Verification Company continues its mission to provide the finest live-operator third party verification service in the industry, complementing the sales process and ensuring a seamless customer experience.

Innovations like SVC Express, coupled with the nearly-completed office expansion, point to providing increased value and efficiency to our TPV clients.

“We’re always looking for ways to improve,” Goldberg said. “And that approach is appreciated the clients, the staff, and the TPV representatives on the floor. SVC Express will make their jobs easier.”

TPVDean Gyorgy