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Taking Stock of a Great Year of Third Party Verification

Every now and again it’s important to stop for a minute and look back. It gives you a fresh perspective on how far you’ve come. At The Sales Verification Company, we’ve enjoyed a year of trememendous growth, with new clients, expanded space, and additional staff. It’s an impressive story to tell (if we say so ourselves), so we’re telling it.

Vice President of Business Development Vicki Norton has bundled up the highlights and is sharing them with customers, prospects and friends. In her role of filling the funnel with new clients, nothing sells like success.

“The Sales Verification Company is really on the rise,” Norton said. “We provide the finest live-operator third party verification in the industry, and it’s important to let our target business community know what we've been able to accomplish in a relatively short time.”

Norton points out that in recent months the company has begun third party verification campaigns for two insurance companies, two telecom service providers and 10 retail energy suppliers.

The increased demand for our services has driven an expansion of our Clearwater, Fla., TPV center that is almost complete. It will nearly double the space to 8,500 square feet, and the staff will number 300 by year’s end.

Another feature of the office expansion will be a room that is Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant, providing our clients the security necessary to safeguard financial transactions

“The expansion continues on all fronts,” Executive Director Sara Goldberg said. “From clients to staff to physical space, we keep growing. It’s an exciting time, and we appreciate all of the relationships and hard work that makes it possible.”

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