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States Tighten TPV Requirements

At The Sales Verification Company, we provide live-operator and automated third party verification services that complement our clients’ sales processes. TPV eliminates potential confusion, contributes to a positive customer experience, and is simply a prudent thing to do. 5535502_sIn recent months, two states have decided that robust TPV is a required component of retail energy sales activity.

New York was the most recent state to tighten its rules, as the Public Service Commission last month mandated all retail energy providers conducting door-to-door or telephone sales to provide independent third party verification of those transactions, and to use a specific introductory statement identifying the company representative.

The new rule was among several changes designed to “improve the economic value” that retail energy suppliers provide residential and small commercial customers, the PSC said in a press release, and to ensure a market structure that “leads to innovation and consumer benefits.”

And last December, the Ohio Public Utilities Commission bolstered its TPV process, along with several new rules governing retail energy sales activity.

Among them, Ohio TPVs now “must confirm with the customer that the representative of the retail natural gas supplier or governmental aggregator has left the property of the customer."

Additionally, "The independent third-party verifier shall structure the independent third-party verification interview to give the customer adequate time to respond to questions and shall not prompt answers from the customer in their response," the rule states.

“We obviously view the third party verification process as integral to any sales activity,” said Jason Zitner, president of The Sales Verification Company. “We see first-hand how clarifying and beneficial the process is to the customer experience, and we are certainly supportive of an increased reliance on TPV in any industry.”

Nobody does TPV better than The Sales Verification Company. Protect your company, your customers and your marketing investment. Contact us to discuss a third party verification campaign.

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