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New Video Highlights Third Party Verification Efforts

We certainly don't need a director to yell "action" for the third party verification floor to spring to life. Given our rapid business expansion and continuous flow of new clients, we maintain that constant hum quite naturally. It was fun to have a video crew onsite to capture a little of the extra effort and team chemistry that we feel make our TPV services so special. The result is our new video, which is featured on The Sales Verification Company home page.

"We're excited to present the video," Executive Director Sara Goldberg said. "For our current clients, it might put some faces with some names they've come to know. And for our potential clients, I think really it provides some insight into the care we take in designing a third party verification campaign, and the constant improvements we try to make when it's up and running."

The video features interviews with Sara, Director of Quality Control Mike Epley, and Senior Account Manager Milly Borja, who each describe their area of influence. The collective message is one of team unity, pride in their work, and dedication to the clients' best interest.

"Everyone has a deep understanding that our clients truly are partners," Goldberg said. "We can only succeed together, and we have to always be on the lookout for ways to improve. The clients certainly appreciate those efforts, and we think that's reflected in our continued business upswing."