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Google Maps Integration Changes TPV Ninja Game

Product innovation is all about moving forward. Listen to your customers and then look for ways to improve, streamline and maximize efficiency. Build a better mousetrap. With the groundbreaking release of TPV Ninja in 2016, Sales Verification Company changed the way door-to-door sales teams perform TPV and deliver documents in the field. The web-based Ninja application allowed consumers to perform verifications right on their phone through text or email. It was quick and secure, while providing seamless electronic integration with the enrollment process.

The developers of TPV Ninja had conceived and created an industry-changing platform, but they didn’t rest on their accomplishments. Since the initial release, the team has continually considered feedback from clients and end users, improving functionality through periodic software updates.

The new TPV Ninja 1.4 incorporates another welcome feature for field sales professionals with Google Maps location integration. Now, when the customer agrees to the sale and agent begins the data collection process, the service address is automatically populated using U.S. Postal Service data. No more time-consuming data entry or fat fingering the wrong address. The agent taps the first few characters, chooses the correct address from the options provided, and continues on with the process.

Continued improvements to the speed and efficiency of TPV Ninja translates into real savings and increased productivity for energy suppliers and their sales teams. For a full demo of the latest software version, contact us today.

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