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FTC Stops Robocall Scammers

Our clients are in the over-the-phone sales business, of course, so we keep close watch on the ongoing efforts by government and industry to protect and improve this time-tested method for reaching customers. As we discussed in a previous post, the biggest thorn in the side of regulatory agencies these days in the dreaded robocall. The computer generated telemarketing calls are proving so difficult to stop, in fact, that the Federal Communications Commission has offered a bounty of $50,000 to anyone that can come up with a technological solution.

So we thought we’d pass along news of a recent win against those anonymous purveyors of automated annoyance.

In early December, the Federal Trade Commission successfully shut down a robocall scam operation that allegedly impersonated the agency in tricking consumers into handing over their bank account and other personal information in a fake refund scheme.

According to the FTC, the company “spoofed” the agency’s Consumer Response toll-free number so it appeared on consumers’ caller ID devices. The robocall stated that the agency was assisting people in getting consumer refunds, and directed them to a fake FTC website that asked for bank account information that would be used to facilitate a direct deposit.

The bad guys got caught, and they’re in big trouble.

“When the Federal Trade Commission returns money to consumers who have been ripped off, it doesn’t use robocalls, and it certainly doesn’t ask them to provide personal financial information,” said David Vladeck, Director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection in a press release. “To anyone breaking the law by making illegal robocalls, transmitting phony Caller ID information, or impersonating a federal agency, we have two words for you: Stop now. The real Federal Trade Commission will come after you.”

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