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Client Pays Visit to TPV Team

Successful TPV campaigns at The Sales Verification Company are born of sharp logistical planning, concise communication, and flawless technical execution. Liberty Power representatives meet the TPV teamBut all of that seldom works without the foundation of a trusted client partnership. We’re pound to say we have one with Liberty Power, who dropped by our Clearwater, Fla., headquarters recently to take team leaders to lunch and pass out branded swag to the TPV agents on the floor.

“It was a terrific gesture on Liberty’s part, and a very productive personal visit,” Executive Director Jason Zitner said. “Everybody appreciated the recognition of our hard work.”

There are lots of moving parts to any call-center operation. When you combine outbound sales calls on the client side with a stand-by TPV team, it’s like two spinning gears that need to interlock.

Account Managers on both sides are in constant contact, forecasting sales initiatives and staffing needs. Those interactions, and the operational challenges overcome along the way, build reciprocal appreciation and trust that continues to fuel the partnership.

“We approach every client with the same level of care and service,” Jason said. “I think it’s one of the attributes that makes The Sales Verification Company special. When we get a personal visit and genuine thanks from a client, it’s very satisfying.”

Nobody does TPV better than The Sales Verification Company. Protect your company, your customers and your marketing investment. Contact us to discuss a third party verification campaign.

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