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California TPV Agents Keep Award-Winning Tradition

The Sales Verification Company management team tries hard to create a workplace environment that provides our TPV representatives with positive reinforcement, constructive feedback and a continual sense of personal accomplishment. We also like to have some fun along the way. Rebecca Garcia Takes the PrizeThe Florida office has a long history of translating positive TPV agent performance into friendly compeition and periodic prize raffles. And with the opening of our new office in Santa Ana, Calif., we’re happy to see the tradition continue.

We continually measure the agents on all sorts of performance metrics, from talk time to average verifications per hour to the overall performance of the room. As the week progresses, each agent is awarded raffle tickets for superior statistical performance. The better the TPV agent performs, the more tickets with their name on them. At the end of the contest period, we throw all the tickets in the hat and draw a winner.

This week, TPV agent Rebecca Garcia was the winner of two games, the “Quality Counts” and “Above and Beyond,” both of which reward the extra effort and care factor that is the hallmark of SVC live-operator third party verification.

“The atmosphere on the TPV floor is very professional, of course, but we like to lighten it up now and again with games and giveaways,” Executive Director Jason Zitner said. “Our agents all work very hard, and its nice to provide a little extra recognition and reward.” The Sales Verification Company provides live-operator third party verification to complement the sales process, protecting both the service provider and the customer from any future misunderstanding. Contact us to learn more about a custom-designed TPV campaign.

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