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Welcome Calls Supplement Third Party Verification

The Sales Verification Company has earned a reputation for providing the finest in live-operator, Third Party Verification. Our highly trained representatives deliver clients scripts in a concise and professional manner, capping the sales process with a positive personal interaction. Verification LogoWhile TPV remains our core business, we have developed an array of support services that can complement our clients’ marketing efforts and provide a foundation for long-term customer loyalty.

The Welcome Call is a simple outbound contact designed to reaffirm the customer’s buying decision and reiterate your brand values or product features.

Following the sale, customer data is transferred to The Sales Verification call center and queued on our representatives’ screens for outbound contact. You control the campaign variables, including duration between the sale and the outbound contact, the number of contact attempts to be made, and most importantly, the messages you wish to convey.

Our Account Management team will help you craft a script that is warmly conversational, yet achieves any degree of explicit customer affirmation. The Welcome Call is an always-appreciated, “thanks for your business” outreach, but it’s also an opportunity to uncover any areas of improvement in the sales process.

The Sales Verification Company representatives can identify patterns of customer hesitation and provide that input to their supervisors. Through remote monitoring and team review of actual calls, and in consultation with your Account Manager, you can sharpen the sales process and improve the initial customer experience.

The Welcome Call is an economical way to let your customers know you appreciate their business, and helps you ensure sales integrity through a brand-building initiative.

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