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Welcome Calls Make for Satisfied Customers

Sometimes it seems that acquiring the customer is the easy part. Hanging onto them for any length of time is the challenge. welcomeClients of The Sales Verification Company go to great lengths to grow their businesses organically. They hire sales vendors, train them on their products and processes, develop scripts, secure leads and develop customer segmentation Then sit back and let the sales pros to do their thing.

Third party verification is a crucial part of that sales process, as it ensures a complete understanding on the customer’s part about the product, price and term. TPV protects everyone from costly misunderstanding, and can eliminate any future enrollment disputes.

But let’s face it; the TPV process isn’t exactly a visit from the Welcome Wagon. It’s a fairly straightforward, yes-no proposition that’s designed primarily for regulatory compliance.

The Sales Verification Company also offers a service that’s a little more personal, and can create a positive first impression in the minds of the customer: The Welcome Call.

The goal is to welcome the customer and to reassure them in the buying decision they’ve just made. And sometimes, we as consumers just want to be heard. Giving the customer the opportunity to voice any concerns or answer any nagging questions can put them at ease and on the road to a long customer tenure.

The Welcome Call is an economical way to let your customers know you appreciate their business, and helps you ensure sales integrity through a brand-building initiative.

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