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Welcome Calls Lay Strong Brand Loyalty Foundation

Third party verification is an essential element of the sales process. It cements the buying decision and goes a long way toward eliminating future customer misunderstanding. It's also, by design, fairly impersonal. 16506093_sThe TPV script is built on regulatory and legal requirements. There are several questions that need answers, and the customer's time is valuable. Our representatives are clear, concise and as friendly as possible, but in the end the third party verification call is a streamlined process.

But Sales Verification Company services don't necessarily end with "thank you, goodbye." Our follow-up Welcome Call service goes a long way in building long-term brand loyalty.

Speaking with the customer about their experience helps to smooth out any buyer’s remorse or nagging questions that might linger from the sales process. Giving them an opportunity to provide feedback or get a quick answer can be the first steps of a genuine customer relationship. In fact, the Welcome Call can be so appreciated that it’s often relayed to family and friends and can lead to referral business. Our TPV representatives also gather relevant data and identify trends in the customer sales experience, passing that back to the client through their Account Manager.

It may seem an afterthought, but Welcome Calls from Sales Verification Company show the customer you are willing to go that extra mile for them. It’s a brand-building investment that pays long-term dividends.

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