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Welcome Calls Can Put Your Business Ahead

Placing a simple welcome call after the sales and verification process is a simple gesture of appreciation that can make all the difference in creating your customer's attitude toward your company. It's a service offered by The Sales Verification Company, and one that can set you apart from the competition. Blog 2Personal customer attention is something that can never be understated. In fact, a 2008 study by Professor John Gattorna of Macquarie University found that 68 percent of customers that left a company did so because of “perceived indifference.” This might come as a surprise, but it definitely underscores the value a welcome call can provide.

In the age of global business and fierce competition, many customers have come to expect their service provider to have a certain degree of indifference. But you can make an extraordinary impression on them by reaching out and expressing your gratitude for their business. A simple thank you can lay the foundation for a long-term customer relationship.

A welcome call is also an excellent opportunity to gain valuable feedback from your customers. It provides a positive framework in which to inquire about referrals, or the quality of service that the customer received from their sales agent.

At the Sales Verification Company, we are ready to make welcome calls on your behalf, from designing a script to executing the calls and conveying a warm, personal tone to each and every customer. Contact us today for a consultation!