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Understanding the Rules of Robocalls

14208259_sHere at The Sales Verification Company, we believe that it’s important to understand regulation in order to get a better picture of when things are going wrong. We’ve written several previous articles about the Federal Communication Division's attempts to eliminate illegal robocalls, but you may have noticed that you’re still getting some. Here’s the deal: There are some types of robocalls that are permissible. First of all, let’s define what a robocall actually is. According to Wikipedia, a robocall is “a phone call that uses a computerized auto dialer to deliver a pre-recorded message, as if from a robot.” Almost everyone who has a phone will be familiar with this concept, and how annoying these calls can be.

The FCC has been cracking down in recent years with new regulations on who may call residential land lines and cell phones. More stringent requirements now exist on the definition of the “established business relationship,” which is required to allow automated calls to a residence. This relationship can no longer simply be established by using a related service or making a general inquiry to a company.

Customers should be aware that telemarketing robocalls (and robotexts) to cell phones are only allowed with your prior written consent. Any other prerecorded sales message is forbidden by the FCC, and violators could face steep fines. If you are being harassed by constant telemarketing robocalls, you can file a complaint with the FCC here.

There are certain types of calls that are allowed, however. Automated messages like prescription reminders and school closure notices are fine, for example. Market research and survey calls are also allowed, as are calls from non-profit organizations. This exempts some of the bothersome political robocalls that are so frequent around election season.

Customers can also investigate Nomorobo, the winner of the FCC’s anti-robocall challenge. This software is designed to block illegal robocalls of VoIP service, while allowing the legitimate robocalls through.

One of our most important company values is consumer protection. Our entire industry is based off of that guiding principle. Helping to put a stop to harassing robocalls is just one more way that we help our clients and customers.

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