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Troubleshooting in Real Time Provides Successful TPV

35026416_sWe understand better than anyone else that third-party verification is a numbers game, and we are our own harshest critics when it comes to how we might improve our practices to better serve our clients. Here at The Sales Verification Company, we have taken numerous measures to ensure that the sales that we verify are of the highest quality possible. One of those measures is our implementation of quality control teams to listen to our agents’ calls to ensure compliance with the script and to validate information obtained.

However, our monitors also serve other purposes. They are there to help our agents improve by providing coaching and feedback in order to improve metrics. Beyond that, completion issues sometimes originate from a source other than the agent’s reading of the script. At times, improvements can be made by clarifying or rewording the script to enhance customer understanding.

We work with our clients to make changes like these, when appropriate, in order to improve our completion rates. Our account managers and scripting team have experience with what is required in a verification script and what can be changed without issue, and we can make recommendations on how to improve the effectiveness of a verification script.

Our quality control troubleshooting process is just one of many things that separate us from the pack. At The Sales Verification Company, we provide value above and beyond our competitors. Experience the difference. Contact us today for a consultation.