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TPV Recordings Provide Variety of Benefits

Sales Verification Company has built recording functionality into both live and automated Third Party Verification calls. Our clients can access these recordings instantly, both over the phone and through our web client portal. We provide on-demand access to the recordings for a year and keep archived backups for 10 years. Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 10.28.41 AMThe first reason that comes to mind for all this technology and effort is to provide "proof" of the verification in case of dispute or misunderstanding. But there are many reasons why our clients and account managers routinely work with the recordings and find them so valuable.

1. Ongoing Training Recorded calls can be instructive in the training of our clients' salespeople. If the customer still has questions or concerns once they are at the TPV stage, the salesperson helping him or her may not have done a thorough job in explaining the product. Hearing a recorded call and listing common customer concerns will help our clients refine their training methods and teach their representatives how to handle customer questions completely and efficiently.

2. Refining Scripts Even the best scripts can be improved. By reviewing recorded TPV sessions with the experienced ears of our SVC account managers, our clients discover where the script could be tightened to keep the call time down and the customer happy.

3. Clearing Disputes or Misunderstanding If a customer expresses concern after the TPV process, it begins as a "he said, she said" situation. This is the case in any type of customer interaction, from sales to TPV to customer service. The call recording provides an accurate account of what really happened during a conversation. Not only does this sort out the immediate customer concern, it also empowers the agent to make adjustments so similar incidents do not occur again.

4. Quality Assurance When it comes down to it, our clients are paying for a quality TPV service and all that entails: adherence to the script, technical proficiency, and warm human tone. Call recordings allow our clients to listen to the service they are receiving and deepen their understanding of process. 5. Legal Verification TPV is not only required for specific businesses in many states, it is an excellent way to show that your company did its diligence if a billing dispute comes up. Third Party Verification provides reliable documentation of orders and transactions and allows companies to avoid many potential legal issues.

Sales Verification Company deploys the latest call-center technology and takes pride in its representatives, all in an effort to provide our clients the finest in third party verification services. Contact us today for a consultation.