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TPV Ninja Provides Customer Comfort

TPV Ninja is a groundbreaking tool for field sales teams performing third party verification. It's fast, secure, and provides the customer new levels of comfort with the review and sales process.

TPV Ninja was built specifically to address modern customer-experience expectations and increase accessibility to product offers. The process combines an in-person sales call with a round-trip electronic communication between the customers smart device and TPV Ninja secure servers.

TPV Ninja operates primarily through Text/SMS, including advanced security and anti-fraud features that exceed current security standards. The result are tighter control of the sales process, shorter verification times and a reassuring customer experience.

The Process:

Point 11. Customer Contact: Once a consumer agrees to the product or service, their contact information and product choice is input into the sales agent’s mobile. The customer electronically signs that device with permission to receive a text/SMS or email on their own device in order to complete the verification.

2. Customer Verification: The customer then receives a link to download the contact and product information for review.

point 3.33. Order Confirmation: Once the customer answers the verification questions, electronically signs and submits, they receive a confirmation message and follow-up communication with links to download T&Cs.

point 44. Data Capture: From backend servers, sales vendors and suppliers can view order detail including signature match, geocoding, and IP addresses from the representative and customer.

TPV Ninja provides a safe and reliable verification experience through modern communication tools customers have come to expect.

Security Features

- eSign and UETA Compliant - SSL certificate encryption - All data stored on dedicated servers only accessible via private cloud LAN - Protected against XSS/SQL injection attacks - Database records and PDF contracts stored on Amazon S3 cloud (read only) - Web TPVs generated with unique 15-digit hexa-decimal security token

Anti-Fraud Protection

- GEO-Mapping (customer and agent must be located within specific terrtitories) - DNC list scrub - Duplicate IP Address Check (agent and customer using different devices) - Presale Customer Checks (preventing re-enrollment) - All Campaigns Preloaded (agent cannot alter price or term)

TPV Ninja provides a safe and reliable verification experience through modern communication tools customers have come to expect. Contact us today to find out how this groundbreaking tool can work for you.