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TPV Company Relies On Redundancy and Backup

Ready or not, South Florida, here comes hurricane season. The BeastA little wind, rain and power outage doesn’t scare The Sales Verification Company, however. We’ve got ‘The Beast’ out back.

What looks surprisingly like an illegally-parked tractor trailer behind our offices in Clearwater is actually our backup power generator. It provides significant peace of mind to our employees and our third party verification clients. We all understand that when you’re in the client services business, there’s nothing more important that delivering a consistent product. No matter what.

Affectionately nicknamed “The Beast,” the industrial-grade diesel engine can go from cold start to full power within 10 seconds of any local power disruption. Its 200 kw output can power all our lights, HVAC and computer systems for three days, and the unit can even be refueled while in full operation. The significant investment demonstrates the Sales Verification Company’s commitment to business continuity and redundancy planning.

On more than one occasion in the three years since we installed the backup, The Beast has saved the day. As surrounding businesses went dark, forced to lock their doors and send employees home, The Sales Verification Company soldiered on.

“We know that our clients expect full redundancy and backup, and having that generator in place is a great reassurance for them,” The Sales Verification President Jonathan Lo Bue said. “Obviously, our first priority in any emergency situation is the safety of our employees, but storm season can cause those power outages and are more of an annoyance than anything else. In those situations, our team can keep on going, and we think that demonstrates a commitment to our clients and a competitive advantage.”

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