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Thorough Training Yields Solid Third Party Verification

Our agents are only as good as our training process can make them, and we take that process very seriously in order to deliver our clients the results that they’ve come to expect from Sales Verification Company. wallTraining begins immediately on day one at Sales Verification Company, as soon as our employees begin the onboarding process. In total, we put our prospective new agents through a complete training process that lasts an entire week.

Training consists of everything from simple classroom lectures and written tests to practical training and coaching. Before any of our agents ever speaks to a customer, they are educated on the industry and their role as a verifier. We meticulously outline what our agents can and cannot say, based on the expectations of our clients.

Once the fundamentals have been established we move on to drilling and coaching on scripts with managers. We take the process one step further with the final training exercise: mock calls. Agents are given the chance to walk through an entire staged call process to get a hang of how real verifications play out. This helps them learn to walk on their own and handle the situations that tend to surface in a typical day as a verifier.

Even when our agents are fully trained and working on the phones, training and learning is ongoing. Sometimes, major adjustments in client scripts or a new campaign requires a brief session to bring everyone back to up to speed. Even while our agents are on live calls, they are monitored by quality control and key areas for reinforcement are identified and acted upon.

We take our commitment to quality very seriously at Sales Verification Company. We have built our reputation as a leader in the industry by paying attention to detail, and our training process is no exception. Put our dedication to work for you. Contact us today for a consultation.