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Third Party Verification Reps Maintain Neutrality

Our third party verification representatives are in the people business. They interface with a client’s salesperson in receiving details about the transaction, and in turn lead the customer through the TPV script. Blog 1It’s vital in all interactions to deliver courtesy and respect: to maintain professionalism, clarity and patience. But under no circumstances do they convince, cajole or suggest. They are verifiers, not salespeople.

Our representatives are present only to validate the call and the customer’s intention to buy, not to become actively involved in the transaction. TPV recordings can be proof of binding agreements, and they must be straightforward and concise. Either encouraging or discouraging a customer’s decision is out of bounds.

Maintaining neutrality is a critical aspect of training for all third party verification representatives, as they must know their limits of interaction with the customer. Representatives can clarify language that the customer might not understand, or provide a client-approved response to a question about a program. Beyond that, however, and the call must be deemed a no sale.

The Sales Verification Company does what it can to maximize its clients’ marketing investment, and a smooth TPV is certainly part of that effort. Our account managers and quality assurance monitors continually provide qualitative feedback in order to improve the process. But once our verifiers introduce themselves to the customer, they are committed to performing the script accurately and remaining neutral in the transaction.

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