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Successful Third Party Verification Relies On Proper Question Handling

During any third-party verification all, chances are good that a customer will start asking questions. 16225427_mThe way our TPV representatives handle those questions is crucial, as their response could be the difference between a verified sale and a lost opportunity for our client. Or worse.

The procedure for handling questions varies between campaigns, either due to client preferences, the nature of the enrollment, or state regulations. Our representatives must be trained to answer questions for every call according to the campaign parameters laid out in advance.

The three categories of how and when we can answer customers’ questions are as follows:

FAQs: Verification representatives are provided a campaign-specific document covering the most common questions that arise during verification in a question-and-answer format. The document is usually distributed in training and available during the verification call in electronic form.

Answer through context: Some campaigns do not utilize FAQ’s, but instead the verifier is able to answer the customer’s concern as long as it is covered elsewhere in the script. There is usually very little leniency in how the question is answered, as verifiers must be careful not to embellish or change the meaning of the scripted statement.

Cannot answer questions: There are certain campaigns where the verification representative is not allowed to answer questions under any circumstances. In these instances, it’s critical to follow procedure as failure to do so can lead to rejected sales or even regulatory infraction. If a verifier is operating a no-answer campaign, he or she will state that fact to the customer at the outset of the call.

The Sales Verification Company takes pride in its ability to meet the specific campaign needs of the client, and relies on the professionalism of its sales verifiers to foster a positive customer experience. Contact us today for a consultation about your third party verification needs.