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What is Third Party Verification? Glad You Asked

Let's take a giant step back and ask: What is third party verification? gearStated simply, it's a process of using an independent, third party operator to confirm a transaction or agreement between a customer and a company offering a product or service.

Third party verification is required by the Federal Trade Commission and the Federal Communications Commission, and most states' Public Utility or Public Service Commissions for telecom service changes, and by many states for changes in electric and natural gas service.

For any other company selling a product over the phone, it's simply a good idea.

Third party verification eliminates any misunderstanding about the product, price or term. Not only does it uncover any customer confusion at the outset of the customer-company relationship, preventing any future upset, it also provides a defense in the case of slamming allegations.

Third party verification is generally performed by warm transfer of the phone call to the third party operator, or through a data transfer and a subsequent outbound call to the customer. The process can also be used for door-to-door sales.

OK, so there's a basic 'What' of third party verification. Now for the 'Why' of using The Sales Verifications Company for your TPV.

Quite simply, it's because we do our job very well. The TPV industry averages around a 75 percent success rate. That is, three out of four calls that go into TPV come out as "good sales." At The Sales Verification Company, our verification percentage is around 84 percent.

There are lots of variables that contribute to the overall verification percentage, of course, not all of which are in our control. But between our representative training, our speed-to-answer, our technical innovations and our attentive account management, our clients clients can expect a higher standard of third party verification.

The Sales Verification Company provides live-operator third party verification to complement the sales process, protecting both the service provider and the customer from any future misunderstanding. Contact us to learn more about a custom-designed TPV campaign.