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Teamwork Brings Solid Third Party Verification Service

Like a car’s engine or a computer’s operating system, a smoothly running machine is the sum of a great deal of parts. avvSo it is with a successful third party verification call. From before the phone rings until the customer signs off, lots of dedicated professionals are working to ensure a smooth transaction and a positive customer experience.

In preparation of a client campaign, Account Management, Scripting, Development and the Information Technology team work together to map out the business requirements and get the script ready for delivery.

The training department conveys campaign particulars to veteran representatives, and welcomes new employees to the how, why and what-for of third party verification.

As the calls arrive for several simultaneous campaigns, the “driver” diverts those calls to the next-available, campaign-qualified representative. Our speed-to-answer times are the best in the business.

Verification representatives take the calls, first speaking with the sales agent and then with the customer, delivering the script in a concise and professional manner.

Floor supervisors roam their areas, offering constructive advice to representatives and jumping in where necessary to problem solve.

Our monitors and Quality Assurance team watches for consistent and accurate delivery of the script, identifying any trends to convey back to Account Management and taking proactive steps to ensure compliance.

Finally, the floor managers serve to keep everyone on point, maintaining positive energy and watching the statistics for areas of production improvement.

Superior third party verification service is our goal, and our entire team is dedicated to serving our clients and their customers.

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