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Talk Time Drives Efficient TPV

The amount of time a third party verification representative spends on each phone call is one of the most significant pieces of data driving our overall production efficiency. 9461363_s“Talk time” is what produces the representative’s Verifications per Hour (VPH), which is a statistic tracked very carefully by management and the representatives themselves. A verifier with a high VPH is one who is able to take a large amount of calls during their shift. The more calls we can handle, of course, the more value we can provide to our clients.

Sales Verification Company implements various measures to expedite our call handling process.

Training: Our representatives complete a rigorous training program before they ever take their first call. They perform mock calls, practice with each other, and learn proper hold techniques. This helps the representatives build their confidence and find the right rhythm for guiding a customer through the enrollment process.

Scripting: The representatives can only proceed as fast as the script is delivered, so it’s important that the Scripting department create a smooth electronic interface. The script must be not only accurate, but lack any awkward phrasing, logic steps or redundant information that can hinder the flow of the call. This department is also responsible for placing notes in the script as reminders to representatives to follow specific processes. The notes help avoid dead ends or keep the representatives from having to read or capture information more than once.

Talk Time Coaches: We pay particular attention to unusually long calls, and work hard to reduces those time-consuming factors. Talk Time Coaches work with the individual representative in order to iron out any possible actions or patterns that are slowing them down.

Monitors: Although monitoring is usually focused on Quality Control, it’s also a good method of improving talk time. Simply by listening to so many calls, the monitors can often discover patterns that cause errors, slow-downs and interruptions that affect performance.

Sales Verification Company is well aware that time is money, and we aim to maximize our client investment. Our third party verifications need to be thorough but expedient. Performing that balancing act to a high degree of professionalism is what sets us apart from the competition. Call today for a free consultation.