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SVC Express Guards Against Slamming

Our primary function as a third party verification company is to ensure the integrity of every sale we verify and to help protect our clients from slamming allegations. Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 12.34.02 PMSVC Express, our proprietary application that allows automated setup and real-time monitoring of TPV data, offers several built-in features that help identify less-than-scrupulous sales agents and disturbing trends before they bloom into real trouble.

  • Automatic Flagged Sales Agent Alert - When a particular sales agent has been flagged more than once by one of our verifiers, all of his or her sales are automatically grouped and escalated to the top of the Quality Assurance monitoring queue for immediate review. Any unethical behavior or potential slamming is reported to the client immediately.
  • Automatic Sales Agent Trend Alert – This feature alerts our Quality Assurance department to unusual spikes in sales volume from a specific agent, which may indicate possible slamming behavior. When this occurs, all of the agent’s sales are automatically grouped and escalated for review.
  • Express Geo-Tracking – This can be used by our representatives to verify the location of a sale, helping prevent sales at unauthorized locations.
  • Duplicate BTN Check – Checks our internal data or our client’s system to determine if a customer has been enrolled previously with the same BTN, which helps prevent duplicate sales.
  • Account Number Validation Check – Checks systems to determine if a customer has been enrolled previously with the same account number, which also helps prevent duplicate sales.

These features take quality to a whole new level and help prevent slamming infractions. SVC Express also allows the creation of custom reports from over 50 data points, without incurring development charges. Through live TPV data and performance metrics, a client can manage its sales teams more efficiently.

Contact us for additional information on how you can take advantage of the many benefits of SVC Express.